Metadata management platform

Transform your metadata into exploitable knowledge

Organizations develop metadata management practices in order to respond to the increasing demands regarding data governance, data risks and conformity, data analysis for the production of value.

To support this emerging discipline, choose Zeenea’s metadata management platform!

How our metadata management platform works

An automated platform

Approach automation as a new way of thinking

Our metadata management platform automatically references and updates your information from your storage systems!

It becomes a unique, up-to-date source of information for any data explorer in the enterprise.

A single source of truth

Collect metadata from any source!

Through Zeenea’s scanners and APIs, Zeenea collects and centralizes information from your storage systems and other metadata sources such as business glossaries, or other existing applications within the enterprise directly in our registry.

Powered by next-gen technologies

Consolidate your assets with Machine Learning

By implementing a metadata management platform with intelligent capabilities, automate the discovery, ingestion, metadata enrichment and the creation of semantic relationships.

Discover the uses of our metadata management platform

Made for all users

Democratize data exploration with our data catalog

With our data catalog, anyone in your organization becomes autonomous in the discovery and understanding of the enterprise’s data, whether your collaborator has technical skills or not.

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Plugged to your tools

Integrate Zeenea into your information systems

Our platform can be integrated into your data science, data analytics, data visualization or even data preparation tools.

Access these new corporate assets from your usual interfaces.

Adapted to your context

Develop your use cases with Zeenea

All information cataloged in our metadata management platform is made available to develop « Focus Apps » and improve your productivity on specific uses-cases related to regulatory compliance, data governance or workflows.

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The role of metadata in a data-driven strategy

Metadata become strategic information within enterprises. By constituting a unified metadata repository, both centralized and accessible, you are guaranteed precise data, which are consistent and understood by the entire enterprise.

Metadata management : a trending topic

Applying metadata on data allows the enterprise to contextualize its data assets. Metadata addresses different subjects, gathered within four different categories: Data Trust, Regulations & Privacy, Data Security, and Data Quality.

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Make your data meaningful & discoverable with metadata.